mayor projects: ditte ejlerskov
april – june 2016

The Danish artist Ditte Ejlerskov (1982) uses icons from mainstream culture, i.g Beyoncé and Rihanna, in her discussion of topics like identity, race, body and ethics. These superstars might seem like an odd starting point, but may provide a key to understanding otherwise nubilous dynamics of contemporary culture. Both submission and superiority seems central strategies for these both powerful and influential artists. The exhibition 'One is the Other' evolves around the american rapper Nicki Minaj and her provoking mixture of suggestive appearence and feisty comments on gender and race issues. The exhibition is comprised of paintings, braided canvasses and more conceptual work such as a series of found images with degrading depictions of women of color. On the glass of the frame, Ejlerskov has engraved phrases from Minaj's lyrics.

List of works (click to enlarge)