GRAHAM WILSON : The end of the rainbow
august 10th – september 8th  2018

Graham Wilson’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, The End Of The Rainbow is an immersive,
coming of age tale set in what could be best described as a dystopian amusement park. The
artist presents the latest chapter in his self-referential narrative that investigates an artist’s role
in society. In what he deems “contemporary allegories”, Wilson explores his personal history
using the themes of time, mortality, and fear as key focal points; diving into the complexities of
the human mind. The site-specific exhibition presents a new body of work spanning
installation, performance, video, painting and sculpture.

In this exposition, Wilson grapples with visions of grandeur, examinations of religious and
native conditioning, questions of destiny and inquiries into what identifies “art” in current
society. The show was conceived after the artist’s first trip to Denmark whereupon he
encountered a life changing feeling of contentment. The visualization of a society rich in quality
of life, culture, and peace; an opposition to the tumultuous daily life in past and present day
America. The title riffs on Oliafur Elaison’s public installation “Your Rainbow Panorama” which
overlooks the city of Aarhus. Wilson turns the folkloric associations upside down using them as
leaping points for further questioning. Metaphorically changing the notion of a happy go lucky
tale into a darker format. A rainbow is an illusion, when chased it only recedes infinitely further
away. They aren't "real" as tangible forms and each and every observer sees their
own rainbow in a slightly different position from everyone else. The paradox here is of the fact that there is
no end to the rainbow, much as there is no destination for contentment. Wilson then asks how
this pertains to life, challenging our preconceptions of what is real, and what is imagined while
probing established notions that embody an “art object”.

Wilson continues to use experience as the backbone of his work. Experimenting with
performative actions such as role reversal, body alteration, and the exploration of mental
health issues; eerily scaling the works in the exhibition which skew and alter our perceptions,
leaving a looming provocation of thought hanging over the viewer.

Exhibition opening: August 10th from 17.00 to 20.00 (5pm to 8pm)
Exhibition period: August 10th – September 8th 2018

Images from the exhibition. Click to enlarge.